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Welcome to Callaway Plantation

 Callaway Plantation, a historic restoration project, offers a glimpse into the by-gone era of the agricultural South when working plantations speckled the land. Telling the intimate story of one family's legacy, visitors to Callaway Plantation, can see, feel & touch 200 years of Wilkes County history.

Callaway Plantation humbly began with a log cabin in 1785 built by Job Callaway and grew to a 3,000 acre working plantation complete with a brick mansion by the 1860's. The property has been passed down through the Callaway Family since its inception and in the 1980's was given as a gift by the Callaway Family to the City of Washington 

ACCOMODATIONS:  THERE ARE 9 RV CAMPSITES AVAILABLE FOR RENT AT $25/night or $100/week.  Call 706-678-7060 for more details.


Special hightlights include:

 The Brick House - This brick Greek Revival style mansion was built with Georgia red clay. Parker Callaway started the building process and Aristides Callaway completed it in 1869. The Callaway family lived in the Brick House between 1869-1910. The house has never been modernized so it contains no indoor plumbing or electricity and it is decorated to reflect the grandeur of time period when the plantation thrived. Many antiques within the brick house are original to the house. 

 The Grey House c. 1790 - Built by Jacob Callaway. This was their second residence on the Plantation and was occupied until the Brick House was built. The Grey House is also decorated with period antiques and serves as an excellent example of Federal Plain Style architecture.  


 The Log Cabin c. 1785 - Job Callaway's original log cabin burned down, but a log cabin similar in layout & design was moved from the Heard Plantation in Danburg, Wilkes County, Georgia to Callaway to serve as an example of the type of dwelling that Job Callaway had built. The log cabin represents a one room cabin with a sleeping loft and is decorated with primitive antique tools and household items of the late 18th century.  

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